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    Auroville is the best place to have a residential property. Vijayam Promoter, The Top Real Estate Developer of Auroville has 36 residential plots. All our property layouts were approved by DTCP. It is present close to the seaside and ECR. The property is substantially flat in the sense that it is without any hills or cliffs. Rainwater flow in streams across the ground is in fine grades. The local roads have improved a lot around our property. The Auroville provides regular swimmers, sunbathers, and weekly avid surfers. a beach community, from the water’s edge by a large stretch of sand. The connectivity to the rest of Auroville makes it the ideal piece of property for those looking to invest their money in such a property in this city. This presence in the rest of the city makes it the hottest investment destination in Auroville. This kind of location, the association, and the desired nature of the property choice combine to make Vijayam Promoter “The top Real Estate Developer of Auroville”.Auroville is a popular tourist place this seems to be the main advantage of having residential property at Auroville and most of them were foreigners.

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